Sifferlen Health Sciences Scholarship - CJ Graduates

This scholarship was endowed by Ned and Joyce Sifferlen to assist recent graduates of Chaminade Julienne High School who are enrolled in good standing. Students must also be enrolled in a Health Sciences major at Sinclair.

To qualify, students must:
• Be a recent Chaminade Julienne High School graduate, having graduated in the Spring/Summer and beginning their first year at Sinclair that Fall semester
• Maintain good academic standing (a minimum 2.0 GPA overall)
• Enrolled, or in the process of enrolling, in the UD Sinclair Academy
• Be enrolled in a Health Sciences program at Sinclair

Award Amounts Are As Follows:
• $1,000/year for first-year students only ($500 for Fall term and $500 for Spring term)

NOTE: Each term’s award is dependent upon maintaining good academic standing.

$1,000/year (first-year students only)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you enrolled or about to enroll in the UD Sinclair Academy?
  2. Are you a recent graduate of Chaminade Julienne High School?
  3. Please type in the year of your high school graduation.