The Peck Law Group $1,000 Elder Abuse and Neglect Scholarship

Elder Abuse and Neglect is an ever growing problem facing our society today. By informing the public on the signs and symptoms we can help bring a stop to this dreadful act. Articles are a terrific way to display information about elder abuse and neglect as they are interesting and easily shareable. At the Peck Law Group we are constantly moving towards the goal of eliminating elder neglect and abuse in California and throughout the United States. Your submitted elder abuse article may inform thousands of Americans of the signs and symptoms of abuse and can possibly land you a $1,000 scholarship if we choose your article!

Application Requirements:
Our challenge to you: Create a video detailing your experience with elder abuse and/or neglect. It can be your own experience, or something that has happened to a loved one. The more in-depth the better – be creative!

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