May Law Service Scholarship

At the May Firm, we understand the importance of an education and just how difficult it can be to finance college these days. Robert May, our founding attorney here at The May Firm, was the first in his family to attend college! He’s incredibly appreciative of the opportunity he had to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for his undergraduate degree, then moving on to law school. As we all know, the cost of obtaining a higher education keeps rising, which can oftentimes put students in a tough situation, both mentally and financially.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scholarship is available to students who are currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program in the United States. This includes accredited community college students as well as high school seniors and students who possess a GED who have been accepted to or are enrolled in an accredited program.
  • All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above.

Essay Prompt & Questions

  • Describe a pivotal moment that made you want to serve your community.
  • Since this time, what have you done to serve your community?
  • Outside of a degree, in what ways will your education help better prepare you to continue your community service?

Application Materials

  • Current unofficial transcript

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