Dr. Mary Navarro Scholarship

Established in September 1998 by members and alumni Phi Theta Kappa, Nu Pi chapter at Sinclair in honor of Dr. Navarro, to encourage and assist students to achieve academic excellence while pursuing a degree at Sinclair.

To qualify, students must meet the following:

  • Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Show evidence of extensive community or volunteer service
  • Applicant must submit a 300 word essay that addresses the personal value that the applicant has received from community or volunteer service
  • Enrolled in a degree granting program
  • 17 semester hours of non-developmental coursework completed

NOTE: This scholarship only pays out towards tuition, required book (Sinclair Bookstore), or fee charges remaining AFTER Pell Grant/other grants have fully paid out.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you participated in community service or volunteer projects? If you answer yes, you will be required to submit an essay below.
  2. Please submit an essay of 300 words or more that addresses the personal value that you have received from community or volunteer service.
  3. Do you plan to enroll full-time (12 credit hours or more) in the upcoming semester? Students must enroll in at least 12 credit hours to receive the scholarship.