AromaTech Systems Scholarship

The scholarship is $500 and will be provided to the person who submits the best essay by the date specified.

About the Essay:

  • The essay will be on the topic, “How Retailers Can Use the Right Scents to Encourage Purchasing.” This topic may appeal to a broad range of interests. Students with an interest in retailing, marketing, psychology, scent product design and many other subjects can have a rewarding experiencing researching and writing this essay.
  • Essays are judged on creativity, the value of the information and the writing style. Applicants should make sure their submissions are well-written and grammatically correct. If scientific research results are included, they should be cited.
  • Aromatech encourages this kind of scholarship application because excellent writing skills are essential in so many careers.
  • This essay should be between 800 and 1,000 words.

Qualification: To qualify for the scholarship, students must be planning to enroll full-time in a college or university as a freshman, sophomore or junior during the 2019-20 or 2020-21 school years.

*Click the “Visit” button to apply. Essays must be submitted by December 31, 2019. *