The Science Ambassador Scholarship

This award is a full–tuition scholarship for a woman in science, technology, engineering, or math. The scholarship is funded by Cards Against Humanity’s Science Pack, a 30–card expansion pack co–authored with Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s Zach Weinersmith and Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait. Our goal is to highlight outstanding women in science, technology, engineering, and math. To date, we’ve funded three full–ride scholarships and created a community of mentors and students who work in STEM fields.

Requirements: This scholarship is for a female who will be attending college full-time in the United States during the upcoming 2019-20 academic year and pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math program) degree.

How to Apply:

Film a three–minute video of yourself explaining a STEM topic you’re passionate about. You must be a high school senior or an undergraduate college student to apply. To view examples of previous application videos, click the “Visit” button below. Your video should be:

  • A mini–lecture, not a personal statement. Pretend you’re a lecturer speaking to a class. Teach us something.
  • A demonstration of your passion for the subject. Your video doesn’t need to be fancy or high–tech. Production value is not a factor in judging.
  • Scientifically accurate. We encourage you to cite sources you use to research your topic.
  • Clear and creative. People who aren’t science experts, like students or non–scientist adults, should be able to understand your video.
  • About any STEM topic, not necessarily your field of study.
  • Three minutes or less in length. Please upload your video to YouTube marked ‘public.’

Deadline: December 11, 2018. Click the “Visit” button below to appy.