John W. Tumelty 2018 Cancer Survivor College Scholarship

The Law Offices of John W. Tumelty is proud to announce the first-ever John W. Tumelty 2018 Cancer Survivor College Scholarship. This scholarship will provide $1,000 to a high school senior heading to college or a current college student who has either battled cancer themselves or has helped support a parent, grandparent or sibling through their cancer experience.

Here’s How to Apply:
To apply for the John W. Tumelty 2018 Cancer Survivor College Scholarship, please submit all necessary documents (listed in the “Eligibility” section below) and please answer ONE of the following questions by writing an essay of 500-1,000 words:

Essay Topics
Please choose ONE of the following topics and write an essay of 300-1,000 words:

What would you tell a person who just yesterday learned of their cancer diagnosis?
What was the most powerful piece of advice you received during the time your family was dealing with cancer?
What is one way that cancer has reshaped or altered your plans for the future?

You or a loved one (parent, grandparent or sibling) at some point had been diagnosed with any type of cancer.
You are currently a high school senior or college student.
You plan to attend an accredited four-year college or university in the United States in the fall of 2018.
You must submit a copy of your high school or college transcript.

The deadline for all applications is noon on Saturday, December 15, 2018. Click the “Visit” button to apply.