Sheltair and Avfuel Future Takes Flight Aviation Scholarship


Sheltair and Avfuel desire to re-invest in the aviation community by providing meaningful financial support to aviators pursuing a greater commitment to business aviation. In supporting career advancement opportunities, Sheltair and Avfuel are giving back to the marketplace that has allowed them to thrive as collaborative partners for close to 10 years.

The Sheltair and Avfuel: Future Takes Flight Scholarships will provide $30,000 in educational funds annually. Each year, the program will award six $5,000 scholarships across three categories: two for learning to fly or advanced pilot ratings; two for aviation technicians; and two for continuing education. By splitting the scholarship funds across three key categories, Sheltair and Avfuel seek to support advancement throughout a broad scope of educational opportunities within business aviation.

TWO (2) Learning to Fly or Advanced Pilot Ratings Scholarships | $5,000 Each
Funds in the learning to fly or advanced pilot ratings category can be used for course work or flight lessons for students pursuing their private pilot certificate, adding a type rating (multi-engine, commercial or others), adding to their certificate with an ATP, completing a bachelor’s degree, working toward a CAM certification, or completing upset recovery training.

TWO (2) Aviation Technicians Scholarships | $5,000 Each
Funds in the aviation technicians category can be used to start or continue aviation technician coursework, or achieve a mechanic’s inspector authorization certification.

TWO (2) Continuing Education Scholarships | $5,000 Each
Funds in the continuing education category can be used to further skills needed when working at an FBO, charter company, maintenance facility or flight school.

Deadline to apply is August 31, 2024.

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