In-Demand Jobs Scholarship


From January 2023 to August 10th, 2023, we’ll be accepting applications for an exciting new scholarship for students pursuing a major in a strategic, in-demand job field! This In-Demand Jobs Scholarship covers tuition and fees after Pell Grant/other scholarships for each semester of your program until you graduate. Students must register in at least 6 credit hours per semester to qualify. Also, be sure to file your 2023-24 FAFSA here at

Funds are for students beginning a qualified Education or STEMM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Manufacturing) in Fall 2023 semester.

Click the “Sign In” button to apply if you plan to start one of the following majors in Fall 2023:
Qualified Programs in the Business & Public Services Division:

  • Computer Science (CS.S.AS)
  • Criminal Justice Science/Corrections (CJCO.S.AAS)
  • Criminal Justice Science/Law Enforcement (CJLE.S.AAS)
  • Cyber Investigation Technology (CYIT.S.AAS)
  • Fire Science Technology/Fire Administration (FAO.S.AAS)

Qualified Programs in the Liberal Arts, Communication & Social Sciences Division:

  • Math Education (MED.S.AA)
  • Elementary Education (ELEE.S.AA)
  • Digital Media Design (DMD.S.AAS

Qualified Programs in the Science, Math, & Engineering Division:

  • Automation & Control Technology with Robotics (AMCT.S.AAS)
  • Aviation Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Technology (AVIAO.S.AAS)
  • Aviation Powerplant Maintenance Technology (AVIAP.S.AAS)
  • Aviation Technology/Professional Pilot (APPAO.S.AAS) NOTE: Scholarship does not cover flight lab fee
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing/CNC Technology (CAMCT.S.AAS)
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing/Precision Machining (CAMPM.S.AAS)
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (EET.S.AAS)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Cyber Technician (CETT.S.AAS)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (MEGT.S.AAS)

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Tuition and fees remaining after Pell Grant/other scholarships; excludes Aviation Flight Lab Fee