Frank Douthwaite Memorial Scholarship for Student Tutors

Established in May 1995 by Virginia Douthwaite, in memory of her husband, Frank Douthwaite, an individual who was sensitive to the needs of students and cared very much that they could achieve success at Sinclair Community College.


  • Must have successfully completed at least 24 semester hours of regular academic curriculum beyond developmental studies courses
  • Tutor who has at least 2 semesters of tutoring
  • Minimum of 100 hours of tutoring experience
  • Former recipients are not eligible
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the subject area that the tutor provides assistance or in whose class the tutor has been a student

NOTE: Scholarship funds only pay for tuition, fee, or Sinclair Bookstore book charges remaining after Pell Grant and other scholarships have fully applied.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the subject area in which you have provided assistance OR in whose class you have been a student. Students must scan and upload the required letter of recommendation as a PDF or Word Document in order to be considered for this scholarship.
  2. Are you a tutor who has had at least 2 semesters and a minimum of 100 hours of tutoring experience at Sinclair?
  3. Have you ever received the Frank Douthwaite Memorial Scholarship in the past?