Eleanor S. Young

Eleanor S. Young

Professor Emeritus Eleanor S. Young served as a faculty member and administrator at Sinclair Community College from 1971 to 1996. Not only has she given twenty-five years of outstanding service to our institution, but in several instances she has been the first one to hold a particular position: first Developmental Math full-time faculty member, first faculty co-chair for Fall Conference, and first Assistant to the Vice-President for Instruction.

Over her years as both faculty and administrator, Eleanor has integrated her two primary interests of helping students learn and designing curriculum to increase student success. She redesigned the DEV Math courses so that students can achieve requirements at their own best pace—spending less time on content needing only a brief refresher and applying more effort on topics presenting greater challenge. And along the way, students develop strategies for learning how to learn by using preview exercises to self-analyze needs for study prior to testing. When materials to support these learning techniques were not commercially available, she turned to student-centered curriculum design by co-authoring Mathematics in Review and authoring Preview for Algebra – both of which are long-time department adoptions. As a member of the board of the American Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges, she was advertising manager for the organization’s journal for ten years.

She has produced a variety of learning materials – including worksheets, slide-tape modules, an early computer punch-tape program, weekly videotaped instructional previews for local cable TV GED series, many professional development sessions, and most recently a multimedia presentation for a self-directed new-student orientation.
Highlights of Dr. Young’s administrative contributions include: serving as Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction (1981-1994) with major responsibilities for professional development for both faculty and staff as well as overseeing curriculum development for all academic departments with the final submission to the Ohio Board of Regents for approval., acting Dean of the General Studies Division (1982), and acting Vice President for Student Services (1983-84).

In the spirit of our mission as a comprehensive “community” college, Eleanor has indeed demonstrated through her various leadership roles the connectivity between Sinclair and the community. For example, she was a member of the Beavercreek Board of Zoning Appeals for thirteen years serving one term as vice-chair and two terms as chair; she served on the Dayton -Montgomery County Public Education Fund Committee, and the Beavercreek School Citizen’s Committee on System Reorganization. She was a long-time member of Delta Kappa Gama, an international organization recognizing outstanding women educators, with many years as treasurer of the Dayton chapter.

Eleanor has been known for her commitment and loyalty to the college, her willingness to serve, and the enormous generosity of her time.